Discover the churchyards of the Hempnall Group



Discover places of peace and birdsong in the eight churchyards of the Hempnall Group.

Enjoy these precious pieces of uncultivated grassland which are quite probably looking more or less the same as they have looked for the last 4 or 5 centuries.

Walk around or sit and see the many wild flowers, birds, insects and little animals that live and feed amongst the gravestones and ancient walls.

Each churchyard has its own special appeal:

Bedingham has an extended and well maintained conservation area containing vetches and other wild flowers. It has splendid views across the shallow valley towards Woodton Church.

Fritton is tucked away amongst the fields a secluded and magical spot. It is full of wild flowers and surrounded by beautiful mature trees.

Hardwick is very much a part of this small village. It has a fine flint wall and traditional Hawthorne hedge which is a haven for wildlife. It looks towards open fields.

Hempnall is varied with a secret, secluded and extensive wild area. It is set in the midst of a well-served village. You may see the resident Barn Owl at dusk.

Morningthorpe nestles amongst historic buildings in an unspoilt village and backs onto woodland. It is full to overflowing with daffodils in Spring.

Shelton is next to the lovely old rectory but otherwise set apart from this scattered village. The well-maintained churchyard has magnificent Lime trees. Don’t miss the snowdrops in winter.

Topcroft has an imposing approach to the church, a view out on to open fields and a well-maintained beautiful garden next door. Look out for Orchids and slow worms near the conservation area.

Woodton is approached by locally made iron gates and has a venerable cedar tree. Find Oxeye daisies and other wild flowers in the extensive conservation area. It is surrounded by open country.


War Graves may be found in Bedingham, Hempnall and Woodton churchyards


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