Advent 2 - Taize Evening Service

Advent 2 - Taize Evening Service

On Sunday December 10th we gathered silently in Woodton church, by candlelight and torchlight, for a quiet, reflective service in the Taizé style, involving prayers, readings and periods of silence, interspersed with  its distinctive songs and melodic chants.  

Founded in 1940 and home to over 100 brothers, both Catholic and Protestant, from all over the world, the Taizé monastic community is a major site of global Christian pilgrimage, attracting tens of thousands people each year, mainly, though not exclusively, young Christians.  Over the years several people from our benefice have visited Taizé and all of them regard it as very memorable experience.

Those at Woodton have provided feedback which speaks of the powerful effect of the simple liturgy, the beauty of the music, the atmospheric setting for the service and the opportunity, much appreciated, to be still, to contemplate and reflect:

Prepare the way for the Lord,

Make a straight path for God.

Prepare the way for the Lord.



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