Welcome to the Hempnall Group of Parishes


    We are a group of 8 rural parishes in the beautiful Norfolk countryside, who enjoy living, working and worshiping together.

    The Group was founded in 1964.  This was a pioneering and visionary step taken by Bishop Launcelot Fleming to revitalise and enrich the church in an area of thinly populated villages.

    This has been our experience. Since then, the parishes have grown together and continue to share resources and benefit from opportunities for collaboration in numerous ways. We have discovered that can do more together than we can alone.

    This is abundantly evident in these difficult times, where a network of practical support and help has emerged in our villages. Thank you to those who have a share in this.  We all have different needs and there are those who can assist. Let’s continue to cope with this crisis with a spirit of kindness and loving service to those around us. Please don’t hesitate to contact someone to help or just for a chat.




        If I can be of help, I am only a

        phone call away - 01508 482366

        The Reverend Liz Billett

        Team Vicar                                              




    May your unfailing love be with us, LORD,

    even as we put our hope in you.

    Psalm 33:22

    To contact us please call The Hempnall Group office, 9am-1pm Mon-Thurs 01508 498157

    To receive Weekly Thoughts and Prayers please email: hempnallgroup.office@btinternet.com

    To receive monthly Village News please email: hempnallgroup.office@btinternet.com


    E-mail the Church Office  

    Please remember it is essential to reserve a seat!

    This weeks our services are:

    Sun 13th June| Second Sunday after Trinity

    10.00 am | Group Eucharist at Hempnall Church

    Please contact Claire Key Email: clairekey58@yahoo.co.uk to book your seat. 

    4:00pm | Family Praise via zoom

    Login 424 564 8959

    Password Hempnall

    Next weeks our services are:

    Sunday 20th June | Third Sunday after Trinity

    9:30am | Eucharist at Bedingham Church

    Please contact Jane Bond Email: jane-bond@live.co.uk to book your seat.

    9:30am | Morning Worship (Methodist) Hempnall Church

    Please contact Claire Key Email: clairekey58@yahoo.co.uk to book your seat. 

    11:00am | Eucharist at Hardwick Church

    Please contact Liam Pilgrim Email: liampilgrim@btinternet.com to book your seat.

    11:00am Morning Praise at Topcroft Church

    Please contact Jackie Leggett Email: Jacqueline.leggett@btinternet.com to book your seat.

    4:00pm | Family Praise via zoom

    Login 424 564 8959 | Password Hempnall


    Thoughts and Prayers for the Week

    Sunday 13th June 2021 - Second Sunday after Trinity

    In Mark, Jesus is explaining to his disciples what the kingdom of heaven is like. A Great Magnificent Palace bigger than our biggest Cathedral? Not quite, the kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed the smallest of all seeds which when it grows puts forth large branches so the birds of the air can nest in it.

    The kingdom of heaven is people, people like you and me, and how it spreads and how much shelter it gives is down to us. The way we live our lives the way we care for each other. One thing that has been noticed during the pandemic is how many people have set out to help each other. Often, we do not know what effect these acts have on others.  However, I heard a very touching story of a young girl who was being abused by her father. It was Friday and her parents went away for the weekend, she had saved up lots of painkillers and decided to end her life. She went to school that day and in the art class the teacher put his hand gently on her shoulder and told her how good her work was and what a future she had. She realised that his touch was gentle not abusive.

    She went home packed her case, flushed the pills away and left. That day that teacher saved her life.

    Of course, not all good deeds have such dramatic results but each kind act is valuable. Small deeds, who would have thought an old man of 99 walking up & down his garden, could make a difference but Captain Tom showed us that it could. Not only did he raise an enormous amount of money for the Health Service but inspired many other people to believe that they too could make a difference.

    So, the kingdom of heaven grows. Always remember God values all our gifts, however small or seemingly unimportant. We are part of the Kingdom of heaven loved and valued by our heavenly Father, loved by our saviour Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit to make the Kingdom grow.

    ~June Cutting~

    Let us continue to support and strengthen each other

    ~ Daily by saying the Lord's Prayer together, morning and evening

    ~ Lighting a candle at home 10.00am on Sunday

    On Sunday we pray for:

    ~ That each day may be holy, good and filled with God’s peaceful presence

    ~ That we may strive for the wellbeing of all creation

    ~ That in the joys and struggles of life we may know the love of God and be thankful

    ~ That we may be bound together by God’s good Spirit, as we entrust one another and all our life to Christ

    Readings for the week:

    Ezekiel 17: 22-end

    (Psalm) 92: 1-4, 12-end or 1-8

    2 Corinthians 5: 6-10 (11-13) 14-7

    Mark 4: 26-34

















































































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